Coco Chanel coins marks chief designer Gabrielle’s birth anniversary

We often buy stuff from different elite brands, but little do we know about their founders’ history. One that is worth knowing is about the fashion house Chanel, and it’s founder Gabrielle-Coco Chanel. Despite being a pioneering fashion designer, Gabrielle was denied her true share in the company. Nevertheless, she has been awarded posthumously for her services to the fashion house. In honor of the 125th birth anniversary of Gabrielle- Coco Chanel, 5€ have been presented, and they can be purchased at the beginning of 2009. The golden coins are engraved with Coco’s profile with a characteristic little hat with pearls around her neck and the brink of the coin created and signed by Karl Lagerfeld.

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The golden edition is available in amount of 500 coins for $467 (345€). The other two coins are silver ($440 for 500 pieces) and metal ($51 fro 10,000 pieces)

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