CocoOne your personal ipad controlled relaxation lounge laden with luxury

When the matters of the world keep mounting and burdening you down and respite couldn’t be found in even the most likely places, there ought to be another resort to escape into. That’s what the CocoOne Lounge-for-two is created for. It can be accommodated indoors or even under the sky with its billion stars. Two swing doors protect the inhabitants of the CocoOne from the harshness of weather or the wrath of prying eyes.

Once inside the cosy confines of the CocoOne the inhabitant or pair of inhabitants can sink into the comfort of silence and isolation from the world. It accommodates a luxury bed with a back and foot area that can be electronically adjusted. For those who cannot hit the sack without their accompaniments, be it a small portable speaker or a midnight snack close at hand, there’s a little area near the head area to place the same. If you do not have a speaker of your choice, fret not. This tiny habitat of comforts has its own in-built speakers that can be controlled by an iPad. You can also control the lighting within the CocoOne, thanks to the embedded LEDs as well as control the heating, should you decide to situate yourself in a region with extreme climatic conditions. A bug-proof netting enclosure ensures that you can also take in some natural air on a warm summers’ night.
The idea of the CocoOne is fascinating, especially since it is light in weight and highly portable. It is indeed a romantic getaway or a cocoon of solitude needed in this fast, bustling world.




[ Via : Jamesedition ]

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