Cohiba Behike touted to be most expensive Cuban cigar

Cuban cigars are a favorite with cigar aficionados across the world. The land that even boasts of its very own Cigar festival is known to produce some of the best cigars the world has ever tasted. At this unique festival was launched the Cohiba Behike cigar which is reportedly the finest cigar ever produced. Launched with a promise of setting a new standard among smokers, this cigar is all set to go on sale in mid-June. Said to be the most expensive cigar produced by Cohiba (the flagship brand of Cuban cigars), it has generated excitement and anticipation among cigar enthusiasts. What sets this cigar apart from the rest is using a certain rare leaf in its blend (the first time such a rare leaf is used in a cigar). The rare leaf is a part of the tobacco plant called the Medio Tiempo, taken from the plant’s upper leaves, but which not every plant produces, making it rare.

Chase, an author, and auctioneer of Cuban cigars, were one of the lucky few who got to taste this exquisite cigar at the Havana festival. Says Chase about this exquisite creation, “It had a rich, savory taste. It’s not easy to produce a distinctive cigar in what is already the most prestigious brand [Cohiba] in the world.” High are the expectations of this cigar’s sale that experts are sure the demand will exceed the supply.
There will be three Behike sizes, which in the UK will sell at £25 ($36), £33 ($48), and £39 ($57) each, respectively, according to Hunters & Frankau. Due to the U.S. economic trade embargo against Cuba, these cigars will not be officially exported or available for the US.

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