Combi LX-720 offers a smooth ride for your poppet

When Daddy Dear zips around town in his latest sports car and Mommy can’t get enough of her Beemer, it’s only logical that the baby gets to paint the town red in his ultra-luxurious buggy! The Combi baby buggies are quite famous in Japan and they have upgraded their line to include the Combi LX-720 (sounds fancy enough to be a high-end car!), that boasts of luxurious features to pamper junior. This amazing buggy is fitted with oversized wheels, two to a caster, that has suspension geometry tuned to absorb 96% of shocks. Apparently, there have been many instances in Japan where baby buggies have got caught in the subway doors. Hence Combi has been working closely with the engineers from Japan Railway East, and has developed a sensor for the wheel caster that “detects if the buggy gets caught in the door of a train”. To make the ride even more comfortable for the baby, parents can adjust the temperature and humidity inside the buggy.

Combi’s new lineup includes two models; the LX-600 and LX-720. They cost up to 75,600 yen ($685) for the LX-720 and up to 63,000 yen ($570) for the LX-600.