Come mid-July Irish citizens can explore European pastures using a selfie passport

Ireland citizens will be ecstatic later this year with the selfie photo allowing them to venture through European pastures without the all important passport. An official app will hit app stores in the latter half of 2015.But beware; this selfie cannot be amended as per your wishes through photo filters or more importantly make the rounds on Instagram.

Think again before taking your everyday selfie; this selfie is valid for five years therefore avoiding any chances of amending it on a daily basis. Come mid-July, the government sanctioned card will be yours at $40 and sanction travellers to explore 28 nations including the likes of EU, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

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For once, selfie users are able to justify their everyday passion- and yes of course the card is not limited to the use of travel within Europe; but also this magnificent invention will not serve as a temporary permit in case an Irish citizen misplaces his passport. Because its credit card sized, it’d be handy identification too.

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[Via – Pocket-Lint]