Complete commercial US Super Nintendo game up for grabs for$20,000

This seems to be a nice way to end the year for the true-blue Nintendo lovers. A well-known game collector, known as byuu, has put up his complete US Super Nintendo collection on sale for a very economical $20,000. NBuilt over a period of 3 years, the seller has ensured that every ROM works clockwork and every scan of the cover is authentic. Apparently, he’s just looking to recover some of his losses.

Reports explicitly say that “every single game in this collection includes the box, and 85 percent of them include the manual”. Moreover, for its asking price, you can stake claim to a massive 721 games, all at once. While the collection does not include unlicensed and promotional games, meaning Nintendo Powerfest 1994 worth $12,000 will not be yours. With what he earns, byuu plan to amass “every single European and Japanese SNES game” to resell it, so this is one crazy game fanatic that you need to keep an eye on.

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