Cool Foosball table by Jared Arp

Luxury and sports don’t really go well hand in hand. You can never seek both these vices together. A sportsman wants the thrill of the moment whereas someone seeking luxury wants the ease and comfort that is ample in this material world. This foosball table is built from Hard Maple and Silver Lace Wood. It is built and carved to perfection and has an Italian Bending Board. It uses P-95 black polycarbonate on the surface for better visibility. The table is handcrafted and has a bit too much more than what a sportsman could ask for. That’s what separates a sport from what can be called just-a-game.

Jared Arp has done a brilliant job on this cool foosball table. His hard work can be reflected in the $9500 price tag that’s attached with this table.