Crafted from marble, the Montegrappa Venus de Milo limited edition fountain pen pays an ode to the greek goddess Venus

Greek goddess Venus symbolizes love, passion, and beauty whose beautiful sculpture ‘Venus de Milo’ caused quite a stir in 1820. Now 200 years later, Montegrappa presents the Venus Milo line, emphasizing the elegance and the beauty of famous Aphrodite. It’s laudable how meticulous casting techniques seize her every marvelous curve and detail on a writing instrument that is crafted from museum-grade materials. You will find the barrel holding her voluptuous three-dimensional figure made from Italian marble and acrylic ornament. The fountain pen comes with an 18K gold nib that captures the essence of the legendary sculpture with a personalized and engraved outline of the goddess and the Montegrappa script logo.

The ornaments are available in gold and bronze. The packaging of this gorgeous writing instrument is very well thought of as it includes the ambiance of the sculpture’s location within the Louvre Museum. The Montegrappa Venus de Milo limited edition fountain pieces are limited to 200 in number and cost nothing less than $2435.

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[Available at: Montegrappa]

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