Crocodile Skin Football – A perfect gift for the football-freak fathers

If bling is not your thing, or you don’t have the moolah to afford Shimansky’s diamond-studded football, here is the next best non-bling option: Santiago Gonzalez’s Crocodile Skin Football and Stand from Harrods. The exquisite croc skin makes up for the lack of glitter and shimmer and gives this unique creation a subtle touch of luxury and class. This luxe offering will make for a perfect gift for your football crazy dad on Father’s day. The brown crocodile skin stand features an engraved silver plaque that reads ‘Santiago Gonzalez for Harrods.’ With the ongoing FIFA fever, this creation is simply hard to resist. A priceless creation to flaunt your love for this game, this Crocodile skin Football and Stand is priced at £3,500 ($5,200) and available here.

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