Crystal Palace Space Station is the most expensive virtual item for $330,000

Just like the real world, the virtual world too seems to be booming economically. Those familiar with the virtual world are definitely aware of the Entropia Universe. For the ignorant few, Entropia Universe is one of the most interesting virtual worlds out there as it embraces the concept of real-money transactions (RMT): Paying real cash for virtual stuff. The virtual game, which has the Swedish government’s license to function as a real bank, has an exchange rate of 10:1 with the USD. The game created headline in 2006 when Entropia personality Jon Jacobs mortgaged his house to buy an online asteroid in the world for $100,000! Beating Jacobs’s record is a player named Buzz “Erik” Lightyear, who has won an auction for the prized Crystal Palace Space Station for $330,000. But it is not a dull investment, as Lightyear will receive a cut of the profits of all transactions that occur on the station, as well as income from players who decide to hunt rare creatures in the station’s proving grounds.

For all those who have lost faith in the real world investment schemes and offers, the virtual world is definitely worth a risk.
[Escapist Magazine]

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