Czech Artist exhibits portraits painted with human remains

With Halloween just around the corner you may think you have seen and heard everything but this may sound really creepy, weird and difficult to comprehend. A Czech artist recently exhibited his works in which he used human ashes instead of paint. Titled the Grave Robber, artist Roman Tyc used ashes from human bones to paint the portraits of dead people. During the exhibition he declined to show himself as he wanted his art to garner all the attention. In his statement he expressed “I have to say that when I was exploring this funeral world I understood or found out some things. One of these things is the fact that practically no one knows human ash, no one knows what it looks like and only a very small percentage of people come across human ash during their lives. For me it was interesting to follow people, to see how they are exploring the ash and how they take it.” Don’t know about him, but we sure find it very creepy.

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