Daft Punk Coke glass bottles sport gold and silver crowns as well as logos

Cola is cola right? Nope, it’s not! It’s not always about what’s in the bottle that counts, if you are an enthusiast, even the bottle design itself is a major collectible to keep. Considering that coke has been coming up with limited edition bottles for six years running now, the brand did come up with something special for this year too. Inspired this year by Daft Punk helmets, the official limited edition Daft Punk x Coca Cola, Club Coke 2011 bottles is now up for grabs. Available in silver or gold variant, the bottle sport the iconic Coca-Cola logo in white with the Daft Punk logo at the crown.

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The silver version has been cast with 925 silver while the gold version is set with 18-carat yellow gold. The hand finished bottles come to you in a box designed by Daft Punk. The bottles were of course inspired by the helmets of the electronic duo. This signed box set is limited to just 20 units. For details visit daftcoke.com, or click here.

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