D-Air Racing, world’s first airbag suit system comes with a VIP Weekend

Have you ever wanted to be a super cool racer without ever needing to get on a bike? Your dream is just about to come true. Leather manufacturer Dainese has collaborated with Silverstone, the Aprilia, BMW, and Kawasaki World Superbike teams to let the first 20 lucky customers enjoy an amazing weekend if they buy the “all-new Dainese D-Air Racing suit.” First, about what you need to buy, the D-Air Racing suit, developed with the help of Dainese racers, which features names like nine-time MotoGP World Champion Valentino Rossi, current MotoGP front-runner Marco Simoncelli, and TT star Guy Martin comes with the first of its kind airbag system that doesn’t need you to get on a bike.

The D-Air Racing system comes installed with a GPS tracker, data analysis, lap checker, and a trajectory display. Just plug in the suit to your PC to get all the data from the session to check out the racing lines for each lap, from tools like Google Earth. And the system gets up and going in 45milliseconds flat! It would help if you acted fast as measurements will be taken as early as tomorrow. These measurements would be sent to the Dainese headquarters in Italy, where the suits will be crafted and sent to local dealers in the UK. If you are among the first 20, you get to go to the British round of the World Superbike Championship at Silverstone from 29-31 July with VIP Passes!
Over this fun weekend, customers will be getting a special fitting session for their D-Air Racing suit by a Dainese D-Air Engineer. The package will also give you access to “hospitality lunch, garage tours with Aprilia, BMW or Kawasaki, a chance to meet Dainese stars and rub shoulders with other race stars in the SBK paddock.” For details send an email at [email protected] with your name, telephone number and postcode. The D-Air Racing is priced at £2,409 ($3,895) with £900 ($1,455) to be paid before the security deposit. The suit will come with all the internal technical workings.