Dallas Mavericks celebrated their first ever NBA championship with a $90,000 Armand de Brignac bottle

Any team that wins a major championship for the first time deserves a grand celebration. But the definition of grand purely depends on who is the one treating the team, as the Dallas Mavericks learned. After winning their first-ever NBA championship, team owner Marc Cuban treated his team with a gala celebration at the Club Liv in Miami’s Fountainbleau Hotel. The bill game up to a staggering $110,000, which includes a $90,000 worth Nebuchadnezzar of Armand de Brignac – a 15L champagne bottle, but that baby was as good as 20 regular sized bottles. Considering his humble beginnings, it also made sense that Cuban also left a $20,000 tip as the team continued its partying spree till 5 a.m.

Well, the man sure has style, and considering that he is currently ranked at 459 on Forbes’ “World’s Richest People” list with a net worth is $2.5 billion, he’s got the dough too!

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