Damien Hirst is looking for an apprentice to create a $16 million artwork

Damien Hirst is known for his weird and wicked sense of art, but his latest advertisement looking for an apprentice has actually created more stir than he might’ve expected. The Brit-artist is looking out for an immensely creative helping hand who’s not a mere fresh college pass out: instead he is looking out for someone “with strong drawing and draftsman skills, strong colour theory and painting skills”. While the art to be commissioned may be worth well over £10 million ($16 million), the salary on offer is a meager £20,000 ($31,900) per annum.

The requirements list runs into two-pages suggests that the applicant should “draw images from projection, taking time to make sure the image is square and true” and “paint images provided by and under the supervision of a manager,” apart from having “draftsmanship skills to draw information on to the canvas surface to aid accurate representation in print” and “should be committed to working as part of a successful artists’ studio.” Moreover, the new artist will be asked to sign a confidentiality contract.
Most people would now think twice before picking up any of his work, god only knows how much effort he would be putting in anyway?

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