Damien Hirst’s Angel of the West Statue proposed to stand tall in England

After infant skulls set in diamonds (and plastic souvenirs), it’s time for Damien Hirst to set up a bronze “Verity” statue where it will gather some eyeballs. While pushing for it to be tagged as the “Angel of the West,” the 66-foot sculpture tries to find footing at Ilfracombe along the southwest coast of England. The 20.25 meters (66 feet, four inches) tall statue shows a pregnant woman who’s standing on top of a footstall made of books can be seen holding a glass-fiber sword above her head. The officials are will make a decision by September and once it gets a green signal, the installation should be up by end of the year.

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Tagged at Hirst’s most recent work, the statue is being dubbed as ‘a monumental modern allegory of truth and justice’ and is a part of Hirst’s ‘virgin mother’ series. The installation can be set up on a loan of 20 years and reports suggest, will be “placed along the edge of the harbor and bordered by a parking lot, about 100 yards away from Damien Hirst’s local restaurant 11 the Quay”.
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