Damien Hirst’s End of an Era is stunning

Damien Hirst is one artist who never ceases to mesmerize the art-loving community with his unique artworks. His latest work too generated the same effect. Hirst’s latest work christened, End of an Era was displayed at the Gagosian Gallery. The unique exhibition got its name not from the diamond studded wall but from a unique sculpture that is the centerpiece of this exhibition. The centerpiece, a severed bull’s head with golden horns, crowned with a solid gold disc is suspended in formaldehyde and encased in a golden vitrine and acts as a powerful coda to The Golden Calf (2008). The press release read, “End of an Era proffers a sacrificial head, here dismembered from the majestic body of the earlier sculpture. While The Golden Calf symbolized the worshipping of a false idol, with End of an Era (2009) Hirst demystifies the biblical tale and, by extension, debunks his own myth-making”

Other exhibits to have stunned and mesmerized everyone includes Judgment Day, a 30-foot long gold cabinet filled with close to 30,000 manufactured diamonds. The diamonds’ photorealist paintings like the Agra, The Golden Jubilee, etc. too sparkled as if they encased the real stone in them.
Truly unique and exceptional, this beautiful display of the artist’s latest work is sure to earn him several accolades.
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