Darth Vader Bronze statue can be yours for a pricey $18,000

All those sworn Star Wars fans can be glued to this article and read on as we have something that may really interest them. This is about Darth Vader, for those who don’t know about him, he is a fictional character in George Lucas’ science fiction saga Star Wars and is the primary antagonist. Like the now-famous Yoda bronze adorning the Presidio fountain as well as Big Rock Ranch’s garden court entrance, the half-scale Darth Vader bronze is also being made available to the public in extremely limited quantities?30?exclusively through StarWarsShop.

The $18,000 Limited Edition Darth Vader Bronze Statue by Lawrence Noble is available from the official Star Wars webshop. It would be a great thing to bring one of the most iconic villains home and then beat him up with your boxing gloves. What an ego boost eh!!?

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