Dentistry 2.0: A luxury ‘Dental Spa’

Going to the dentist has always been thought of as apprehension and anxiety, until now. While checking out a site, I came across the cutting edge dental office that liberates the dental experience with a combination of high-end technology and spa amenities. Welcomes to Dentistry 2.0, which comes from Waterview Dental, the office of Angelo Paulos and his partner Hammad Afif. When both of them launched their Toronto practice, they realized that luxury and technology have to be a part of the game. This concept worked in their favor and two years later they launched Cityview dental. The Dental clinic amalgamated the use of the Dentrix system, which is nothing but a 42-inch screen in front of the dental chair that is more lucrative than surfing the internet and DVD movies. It adds more quality to the dental experience with the ability to zoom in on digital x-rays, store dental records, and educate the patients.

Some of the features of Waterview Dental include integrated massage chairs, Personal Headphones, DVD selection, Pillows, blankets and Personal warm blankets, Cappuccino bars, and Internet access in the operatory and reception area. Though the concept of luxury Dental isn’t totally new, it is rare to be found everywhere.