Designer Quinn Gregory embellishes skull with Swarovski crystals and sapphires!

There is nothing better than expressing your feelings through art. May be it was with this thought that Swarovski designer Quinn Gregory came up with the idea of a fully studded skull. Unfortunately, he came up with the idea of making Swarovski-studded skulls when he was diagnosed with a fatal heart disease. So, he turned to this art to deal with the realities of death and the inexpressible aura surrounding it. Skulls are not something you would relate with terms like splendour, desirability or anything pleasant for that matter. But the skull with white Swarovski crystals and blue sapphires surely is all of that…it is splendid and desirable!

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Designer Quinn Gregory has decorated the skull with white Swarovski crystals and redone the eyes with blue sapphires. The price for these rare beauties starts with $3,000 and has more than 8000 Swarovski pieces on each. Wow!