Desperate Housewives now on your mobiles

If you’re a fan of the Desperate Housewives TV show, you might be interested in this new entertainment on your cell! Now the famed TV shows seem to have motivated the interactive entertainment companies for the games that were till now based on movies. Gameloft, a leader in mobile game publisher, is set to confirm an exclusive multiyear agreement with Touchstone Television to develop, publish and distribute mobile games based on ABC’s hit series “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives.” Gameloft, with their creative and talented pool of producers, will exceed the expectations of their loyal fans and develop a game that captures the defining essence of each show.

‘Desperate Housewives’ shows have a massive following that resonates with millions of viewers each week. The plots are continually changing and there is a new element of surprise added to every episode. It is this feature that the publisher is planning to cash on. ‘Housewives’ appeals to an older female demographic, while ‘Lost’ has a devoted following of sci-fi fans, many of whom are likely fans of gadgets and technology. Recently, Gameloft released its first game based on Fox’s ‘The O.C.’ while ‘Lost’ and ‘Housewives’ are the latest TV shows that they have acquired the license for. While the details have not been finalized, Gameloft is working with the writers of both shows to ensure authenticity while adding new elements and introducing original storylines. Meanwhile, Buena Vista Games will ship ‘Housewives’ PC game in the fall that will feature the likenesses of all the main actors and the voice of Brenda Strong.