Diageo introduces Chinese white spirits in Swarovski crystal art bottle

Diageo Global Travel and the Middle East have teamed up to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2012 or the Year of the Dragon in a chic way- By introducing two limited edition gift packs for the Chinese white spirits brand Shui Jing Fang which happens to be the second biggest-selling brand in Asia after Jonnie Walker Scotch whiskey. The Shui Jing Fang Forest Green Crystal Pack gift pack features a Swarovski crystal art bottle with Xilion-cut Chaton, a term for Swarovski’s star-shaped cut and diamond-like luminosity that creates high precision, quality, and clarity in the bottle. Diageo has also created another limited edition gift pack for the Chinese New Year, exclusive to travel retail. The gifts are presented in high-quality packaging, and the graphics depict two dragons praying for happiness in the oncoming year, while the interior of the gift pack features images of lion dancing and fireworks.

The Swarovski crystal art bottle is priced at $625, and the other limited edition gift pack retails for $120. The packs are also displayed in over 20 international airports across the Asia Pacific and also at key airports in Europe- Manchester, London, Paris, Brussels, Milan, and Amsterdam Schiphol while Moscow, Frankfurt, and Munich are looking forward to the launch of the gift pack in their cities.
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