Diamond studded Licca-Chan doll to be displayed in Japan

While the American damsels had the blond, curvaceous Barbie to keep them company, the Japanese had Takara Tomy’s Licca-Chan dolls that confirms more with the distinctive Japanese body structure. Interesting, isn’t it? Created by former shōjo manga artist, Miyako Maki, Licca- Chan is a very popular dress-up doll series in Japan, and enjoys the same popularity that Barbie does in the US. News has it, that a special Licca-chan doll has been decorated with ¥100 million ($1,004,900) worth of diamonds, and is scheduled to display at the Doll Exhibition at Saga Prefectural Museum in the city of Saga from July 20 to Sept. 16.

This luxurious transformation has been in lieu with the commemoration of Licca-Chan’s 35th anniversary. Wherein, the doll has adorned a magnificent crimson gown that has been decorated in diamonds, and so also a tiara, which has been entirely drenched with brilliant diamonds. Overall, the doll sports 881 diamonds that amounts to 51.4 carats in total. Unfortunately, this decorated piece is not for sale. Sigh.

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[Via – Japan-Times]