Diamond Studded Football Worth 1.2 Million Dollars

In this day and age, application of diamonds is not restricted to ornaments only. They are finding place on anything and everything under the sun. After the diamond studded Cars, Cell Phones, TVs, Headphones, USB Drives, Wedding Cake, Lures, Baby Pacifiers……. we want to acquaint you with another nonsensical diamond studded object. Get a kick out of this decked “World Cup” Football! It is made from 18K gold, decorated with 6263 white diamonds and 2484 black diamonds. weighing 200.84 carats in total, this bejeweld sports gear has made an application to the Guinness World Record for the title of the most number of diamonds engraved on a football has recently been submitted.

Estimated at 1.269 million dollars, wonder which lucky striker is going to get hold of this ornamented ball.

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