Diamond-studded Saucepan on sale at the Moscow Millionaire Fair

Cooking is one of my stress busters. But the opulent don’t have too many reasons to step inside the kitchen. Wrong! After the crystal kitchen, diamond knives, flashy faucets and exclusive sinks sets, its no wonder that you will look for flashy utensils next. And keeping you all excited about your stunning kitchen is a diamond-studded saucepan at the Millionaire Fair in Moscow, Russia. The saucepan features as many as approximately 300 diamonds set in the 18-carat gold on the handle and lid. Crafted by German cookware brand Fissler, the pan cannot be used for on-flame cooking or even for oven reheating; it’s for serving only. The pan is priced at a staggering $209,000.

If cooking is not your thing, then up for grabs apart from several luxury cars is a glass piano priced at $150,000 and a German skincare line in 5,000 Swarowski crystals studded packaging. But then again, who said vanity comes cheap?
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