Diamond-studded Saucepan with glimpses of Gold is chic

The utility of a saucepan has changed after the advent of this Diamond-studded saucepan from Fissler. It’s more suitable for decking it on the showcase rather than setting it on the stove. It sure will pain your heart to use it everyday, this saucepan studded with 200 diamonds and solid gold handles which measures 11-inches. This pan is welded with 2 pounds of Gold to make it feel heavier than the ordinary pan, so that you don’t forget while cooking that it’s an extraordinary saucepan! But thank god, you can use it like any other saucepan.

It maneuvers a massive hole into a pocket, this $200,000 saucepan, if you ever dare to buy it. The company is hoping to get into the Guinness books for selling the most expensive saucepan, and I think it will be quite a successful attempt!

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