Diesel’s Cosmic Diner Collection to add a celestial experience to your meals

Diesel Living, the home improvement section of Italian fashion house, has a few tableware collections, just like Versace’s dinner and tea sets, though some of these might be from out of this world, literally! The coolest range from the lot is definitely the Cosmic Diner Collection, which is a set of food plates in the image of space bodies. Each plate is created to look like a planet or a moon, and could probably even pass of as the actual thing considering real satellite images were used to create the plates; except, the tableware is made of porcelain. The sun, moon, Uranus, Jupiter, Callisto, Titan, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Mars, Venus – all have a plate of their own in varying sizes with the sun being the biggest.

space-dinnerware-5For the collection, the Italian fashion house partnered with Seletti, a neighboring Italian modern concept store that creates innovative and decorative furniture, tableware and other household items. This is not the first brain child of the partnership as the two have worked together before; the Machine Collection of ceramic tablewear shaped like machine gear – wheels and cogs, and the DIY cutlery set that resemble wrenches were both created and designed in collaboration.

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space-dinnerware-2The Wallpaper Magazine awarded the Cosmic Diner collection with the Design Award for 2015; and could be a good collectible for star gazers. Though truth be told, I will probably be galaxy dreaming every time I look at the plates.




[via – Design-Taxi]