Dina Bean Champagne Housewarming Toolbox comes with yumm goodies too

I am a big time Tobby (Toblerone – if you didn’t get that) fan and nothing can make my day better then a treat box containing my favorite Tobby coupled with other sinful goodies and essential tools too! Although Dina Bean Champagne Housewarming Toolbox is officially a housewarming gift, I think it will be welcomed at any time or any occasion. I mean one doesn’t really have to relocate to ‘hope to’ get hold of one of this unique gift box. Precisely it includes mini bottles of Champagne, gourmet cookies, chocolates, gourmet cheese spread, crackers, Dwell magazine and some essential tools: a hammer, screwdriver, flashlight, extension cord and tape measure.

Costing just about $120, I guess there’s no better way then to say, “I’m always here to lend a hand!”

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