Ditch the plastic – Made from gold and titanium here are five luxury straws you can buy

By now you’ve undoubtedly heard that more and more restaurants are phasing out disposable plastic straws. Some establishments have already made the switch to paper straws, so unless you like how paper disintegrates into your drink (or worse, sticks to your teeth!) it’s time to get yourself a reusable straw. Stainless steel has emerged as the most popular alternative, but it might be a dull choice for those seeking a straw that’s equal parts functional and flashy. Check out our round up of luxurious straws below.

Stephen Webster – the Last Straw
Priced at £145 or US$ 190, this straw is made from Sterling silver, a material known for its anti-bacterial qualities. Each straw is hand engraved with the owner’s first name followed by the engraved statement: Last Straw.

Tiffany & Co. Rose Gold Vermeil Crazy Straw
This upscale take on a crazy straw is made of Sterling silver with a rose gold plating. If you can’t quite get over the rose gold trend, this is probably the straw for you, as long as you can get past the $350 price tag!

EatingTools Oversized Titanium Straws
These anodized straws from EatingTools feature a glam metallic finish that looks much more expensive that it is. Priced at just $26, these wide straws are well suited for thicker drinks like milkshakes and smoothies.

Clean Coast Collective Pacific Gold Straw Set
Another glam looking option that’s kind to your wallet! This set contains one slim straw, one wide straw, a cleaning brush and a leather pouch to store the straws in – all for the price of $50. The gold plating makes these straws perfect for your favorite cocktails.

Tiffany & Co. Ladybug Straw
This sterling silver straw features a slight bend and a little ladybug to keep things interesting. Priced at $425, this straw makes a great gift for the Tiffany & Co. fans that already have all the jewelry they need.