Divine Wax is the World’s most expensive car wax

After reading this I’m sure you won’t crib about spending $99 at the local Buff ‘n’ Shine for a wax! Swizöl of Switzerland has a collection of car wax that costs more than that designer dress in your wardrobe and claims to be the World’s most expensive car wax (we don’t dispute!). Their top of the line Divine wax is “blended for a very limited number of collectors and enthusiast each year,” and is specially formulated for the exact type of paint and color of the customer’s car. It comes in a neat presentation box with a certificate of authenticity and a hand-engraved plaque bearing a serial number and the owner’s name. Such indulgence costs 1,800 Euros, or about $2,750.

Don’t be disheartened, their entry-level Onyx wax costs $95, so maybe you have a bargain in your hands!

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