Dodo Newman’s Titanic Project celebrates 100th anniversary of the luxury liner with diamonds and crystals

It would have been a wonderful time when the luxury yacht Titanic sailed the Atlantic Ocean. However 100 years after its tragic end, the wonder of the iconic ship still lives on. And to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, the Titanic project by Dodo Newman will come to the foray. A 70 meter long, 10 meter high and pyramid shaped aquarium will boast of a diamond and crystal surface dressed with 300 kg of pure jewelery with a special LED lightening. It will house the World’s 50 finest luxury brand.

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The brands will showcase “their finest products under the water covered by sea life”. The installation aims to honor and celebrate the history of the ship by creating a blend between its glorious past and a bright future. The project will be open in 2012.
Thanks Dodo Newman