Dominic Wilcox creates limited edition 24ct gold-leafed skimming stones

When it comes to playing, the affluent few make sure their toys are anything but ordinary. And catering to the needs of the Richie Riches of today is Dominic Wilcox, who has added a touch of grandeur and luxury to the ordinary game of skimming flat stones. For the ignorant few, skimming (or skipping) is a game played to while away time and involves throwing a flat stone at the surface of the water to make it bounce as many times as possible. Dominic Wilcox has added a Midas touch to this game by creating exquisite 24ct gold-leafed skimming stones. Complete with individually made to fit leather belt pouches, Dominic Wilcox handpicked each stone as stones he would like to skim on his travels through Italy and the UK. What is more, he has limited these stones to just 20, adding to these stones’ exclusivity and luxuriousness. A precious stone, only the opulent folks, would have the heart to fling this stone away.

And since this is no fairytale there is going to be no frog prince willing to get back the golden stone. So make sure you time the parting of your stone well, else you might just regret it. Considering the tough economic times, it would be wise to hold on to this gold stone for some time. These unique stones are currently on display in London at YCN Shoreditch area.

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