Doting mother splurges $27,500 on designer clothes for her baby

It is but natural for doting mothers to spoil their newly-born. But here is a mom who believes retail therapy is the best way to spoil and indulge her little bundle of joy. Sophie Vickers reveals to Closer magazine that she has splashed £17,000 ($27,500) on designer clothes and toys for her baby, who is not even a year old yet. The little boy, Theo, already has a collection of designer clothes that will rival many Hollywood stars. His wardrobe consists of 80 pairs of shoes worth over £4,000 ($6,500), and designer clothes including 40 pairs of trousers, 40 pairs of shorts, three leather jackets and 40 t-shirts worth £9,000 ($14,600) and hundreds of toys and three pushchairs. The 22-year mom says she gets pleasure from spoiling her child and believes she can still teach Theo the difference between right and wrong. Sophie is, however, reluctant to reveal her sources of income as she works part-time as an administrative assistant at Tyne and Wear, while her partner Chris is a carpet fitter. This lavish spending behavior by the mom displays the disturbing trend among many middle-class people trying to ape their favorite celebrities.

Sophie even believes that Theo himself hates to be dressed in scruffy clothes and admires himself for hours in front of the mirror in the designer outfits. And she doesn’t plan to cut down on this habit anytime soon. She is already planning to throw a lavish bash for Theo’s first birthday with gifts that include a quad bike and trampoline.

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