Say hello to dronie; it’s the new cooler version of selfie

Open up any social media website and the walls are flooded with selfies. So much so that it has gone way beyond the threshold of being monotonous. So what now? How about dronies? Yep, that’s right, dronies or also known as sky selfies. It’s the latest fad which is nothing but a selfie taken by a flying drone; so forget poorly framed pictures taken by outstretched hands and let a flying drone take amazing shots from the sky. But rather than taking single images, a dronie is best done in a short video format thanks to the range and the scope of these little flying machines.

Out of all the social media sites, Twitter was one of the first to make use of the dronie, introducing it to the Cannes Lions advertising festival last month. The company used a flying camera to take short videos of people in a garden, and then used video editing to make it look like the drone started its journey in space before zooming in on the waving participants. But now the trend is catching on and it’s even being encouraged by the New Zealand Tourism Board, which is piloting drones on ski runs to photograph skiers and snowboarders. Already more than 15 000 YouTube clips containing the word ‘dronie’ in the description have popped up and it’s a great way to capture memorable moments. My addition to the idea – add a GoPro into the mix and we have got a winner!

[Via – Telegraph]

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