Ducobi’s limited edition teddy bears inlaid with mother-of-pearl

As a child, I remember being attached to my teddy bear. But as I grew up, my adorable companion took a backseat in my life. Not everyone however goes through this transition. Some people are still attached to their childhood playmates and in fact turn their attachment into priceless collections. For those folks who own some of the most amazing and exquisite collection of toys, especially teddy bears would definitely be interested in the designer toys by Ducobi. The exquisite designer toys are produced after hours of painstaking craftsmanship. Definitely not a child’s play thing, these adorable designer bears are inlaid with mother-of pearl and lacquered. Looking stunning with beautiful patterns, these bears are truly priceless creations. Available in a limited edition, these beautiful designer toys are sure to be the crown jewels of your toy collection.

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With a starting price of $750, these beautiful toys are available here.