Dunhill Giant Clock table lighter up for grabs

We are always on the lookout for all things with a luxury touch. And anything that has the name Dunhill associated with it is without doubt a treasure trove for luxury lovers. Our latest find is indeed a treat for those who love all things luxurious from Dunhill. Not a brand new piece but a rare antique Dunhill creation. An extremely rare Dunhill “Giant Clock” table lighter produced in the 1930’s is being offered for sale. The silver plated body of the lighter is wrapped in a shagreen skin of a shade of green.

The Giant shagreen table lighter with clock is in excellent working condition is a treat for collectors. The 8-day clock as well as the lighter reflects the craftsmanship and eye for detail that Dunhill is known for. The exquisite antique measures 10.5 x 8 x 3 cm and is priced at $7500. For more information click here.

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[Via – 1stdibs]