Dunhill Car Repair Kit

If you own a car that features nothing less than a BMW or a Mercedes, you car repair kit shouldn’t be less exclusive. Dunhill’s newly unleashed repair kit couldn’t agree less in this regard. Dunhill’s venture into motoring products shouldn’t be a surprise as it has been linked to the motoring community since their foundation in 1893. The company makes all manner of motoring accessory, its founder Alfred Dunhill having been quoted as declaring that his company offers “everything for the car but the motor”. It includes a pair of jumper cables, a flash light, a basic instruction manual and a set of three flares among other things. All things come packed in a light yet durable canvas bag which is slim enough to fit in nay nook or corner of your car.

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Likewise, it’s price is proportionately higher than your local Wal-Mart’s car repair kit at whooping €850($1156).