Dutchtub the portable hot tub

Jacuzzis, bubble baths, steams have always been rejuvenating but not always fun. Seems like an everyday thing. Now if you have an adventurous bug in your body or are simple claustrophobic and extremely hydrophilic then we have just the right thing for you. The Dutchtub, you take it anywhere you want, your terrace, patio, or even Mt. Everest for that matter. It is a portable hot tub that warms its water by way of connected outer pipes that coil around a fire basket, letting a natural fire do the work of warming the water all the way up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit with the help of the stainless steel basket in the spiral. It also features a wine bottle holder with space for ice to keep your bubbly cool while you stay warm in the water.

Also available are features like BBQ, chimney, and trailer accessories. Its capacity is 800 liters and can contain 4 people or more to sit chaise longue. It is available in 6 exuberant colors like light blue, pigeon blue, ocean green, red-green, dark grey, and tub orange. It costs $5625 a little too much for a bathing experience, but if you can’t afford one make sure your friend buys it and then make his/her Dutchtub your weekend hub!

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