Elie Bleu Deluxe Che Cigar Humidor for $2900 at Vivre

This Cigar humidor is for cigar connoisseurs who want to show the world that they have a classic yet trendy taste too! Designed to provide proper humidification for your cigar, Elie Bleu Deluxe Che Cigar Humidor at Vivre offers satisfaction in aroma and flavor. I’m sure many aficionados will appreciate this colorful change from the usual black or brown subtle looking humidors. Without a doubt it is a chic masterpiece that will also add to the décor of any room in your house.

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Even though it is merely a place to store & age your cigars, $2,900 sounds a bit exorbitant, right? Handmade of tinted Sycamore, it is sized at 10″ x 10″ x 5½”.