Elisabeth Weinstock opens first store in West Hollywood, California

Extravagant designer Elisabeth Weinstock is known for blending exclusivity with an edge. The designer who appreciates intricate animal skin pieces has opened her first boutique in West Hollywood, L.A. Her collection includes one-of-a-kind furnishings, animal skin embellished pieces, and jewelry boxes. Here are a few Winestock’s novelty items:

Waverly Toolbox or Jewelry Case
This interesting jewelry case is shaped like a toolbox for the metrosexual man. The painted Anaconda skin case includes three levels, making it suffice the modern man’s grooming needs. Priced at $7,616, the Waverly Toolbox or Jewelry Case is utilitarian luxury at its finest.

Luxembourg Large Jewelry Case
One of the finest pieces in Winestock’s collection, this Large Jewelry Case stands 4 feet tall. Wrapped in exotic skin, this case is a luxurious treasure chest. Made with meticulous craftwork, the large case redefines conventional luggage. Priced at $24,784, it is ideal for precious valuables.

Mar Del Plata Humidor
The premier purveyors of humidors, Elisabeth Weinstock and Daniel Marshall, have collaborated to make this stunning Humidor. Made with exquisitely exotic skins in textured designs, the Mar Del Plata Humidor is a stylish way to keep your cigars at their full-bodied best. It is a true example of the iconic Elisabeth Weinstock Design and is available for $2,350.

America Football
America Football is for someone who is passionate about sports and appreciates art. The cool object d’art is made from exotic BOA skin and is priced at $975.

Manila Boxing Gloves
The painted Anaconda Boxing Gloves are viciously beautiful. Perfect for a keepsake in a ‘man cave,’ these gloves are priced at $1,450.

[Via – Elisabeth-Weinstock and Robbreport]

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