Elysiants ties up with Space Expedition Curaçao to let its members enjoy a space ride

As the world celebrates Yuri Gagarin first steps in space 50 years age, there are many services that let to take a fun vacation to the space today. And now, Space Expedition Curaçao (SXC), a company that specializes in Commercial Space Line and Space Port from Curaçao International Airport, is all set to join hands with luxury lifestyle network Elysiants to add a dash of luxury to their space travels. With this strategic tie-up, Elysiants members would have an opportunity to become one of the first people in outer space. Elysiants also plans to bring out an exclusive social network within its pool of members, called the Future Astronauts Club (F.Ast Club) which opens memberships only to future astronauts. These members will be treated as Premium Members of Elysiants and stand to earn VIP treatments right from the time of booking until the actual space flight.

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While one of the older members of Elysiants member Hensley Meulens, would take the first outerspace flight from Curacao. Costs are $90,000.
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