Emma Hack’s living wallpaper works now in a collector’s edition book

ook at these pictures, ain’t they just breath-taking? Each seems to hide a million stories within. And why not? It’s not a day’s work, nor is the usual scenic livery, but delicately interwoven patterns that are visually compelling while being confusing. These are living wallpaper works by the celebrated artist, Emma Hack. For those uninitiated, Emma Hack started as a children’s face painter and hair and makeup artist. She discovered the art form of body painting, and it quickly became her insatiable passion.

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By and by, she also mastered the art of storytelling through her body painting. However, her recent collection of work was inspired by Verushka, who in the 1960s and 70s painted herself into rustic walls and naturalistic settings. Emma’s first-ever human body art wallpaper camouflage took 19 hours to paint. More recent works taking anywhere from eight to fifteen hours, depending on the complexity of the design.
Her discovery of the iconic Florence Broadhurst only helped broaden her horizon and made her designs lifelike.
The winner of the 2001 CIDESCIO World Congress Professional World Body Painting Championship, Emma’s extensive portfolio includes international clients like Tiffany & Co, Paspaley Pearls, and Playstation 2. And while her works are a great rage among fashionistas and companies, getting her original now is finding a needle in a haystack. This is why Emma has compiled her work in a new book called Wallpaper Collection 2005-2010. The book features all of her work from this period and can be bought at emmahackartist.com for $ 430.

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