Enjoy The Feeling Of Weightlessness For $3,869 Courtesy Novespace

Looks like everyone is feeling the credit crunch and trying their best to deal with it. Take for instance the new plans unveiled in a “zero-G” flight for European space agency chiefs on a converted Airbus to help deal with the credit crisis. The plans include opening the doors of their Zero-G flight to the local people. Novespace, a unit of France’s CNES space agency, which hosted the flight, claims to be leading the field in scientific deployment with a converted Airbus A300 jetliner. The Novespace ticket sales would not aim to make a profit but would help sponsor research carried on board. This new development would allow the public to enjoy the feeling of zero gravity for 30 parabolas or 22-second bursts of weightlessness -11 minutes in all! Priced at 3,000 euros ($4,000), this fundraising solution is sure to be a winner with the people.

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