Enter Anthénea: An eco-friendly floating party pod that can sail where ever you want

If a quirky getaway is on your mind, consider hopping onto Anthénea – a luxury floating hotel suite and water-based mobile home that is perfect for traveling in the times of COVID. Inspired by James Bond’s floating pod in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me, the vessel is fun, fancy, and every bit fantastic!

Designed by architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle, the floating wonder runs on solar power and is 100% eco-friendly. It releases clean water back into the ocean using black and gray water stations and is equipped with sand screw anchoring to avoid any harm to the underwater ecosystem and environment.

Built as a luxury pod, the vessel offers 360-views of the ocean via its dome-shaped structure. It features a bedroom with an overflow round bathtub, a small living area with kitchen necessities and fiberglass windows as well as an outdoor seating area with a capacity to accommodate 12 people at once.

Anthénea can sail across waters and can be used by travelers to get to one destination from another. It is currently stationed at the Pink Granite Coast in Brittany, France and can be rented for a few nights. Interested folks can also buy one to live in along with customizations. Details on pricing and more are available on the company’s official website. Well, offbeat travel cannot get any better than this!

[Via: House Beautiful]

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