Europe’s Best Farmers’ Markets

The organic movement has taken Europe by storm in recent years. According to Organic Market Info, the organic market in Europe grew to more than 26 billion euros in 2014. This growth does of course mean that leading an organic lifestyle can be quite expensive at times and is often considered a thing of luxury.

There have been some recent doubts about the organic trend – doubts concerning the harmfulness of the organically permitted pesticides – but despite this, there is a unanimous agreement that a more sustainable and organic lifestyle is positively beneficial. The organic hype is especially prominent across the internet and can be seen across social media platforms, websites and blogs – you can even get your own “organic” domain name from providers like this one.

With that in mind, one of the best ways to get a taste for the organic scene when taking a luxury tour through Europe, is by experiencing the local farmers’ markets. Always a wonderful Saturday or Sunday activity, that not only whets your appetite, but also gives you an insight into the fresh and organic produce that comes from around the area.

Here’s our top picks for a luxurious afternoon filled with organic treats:

Dublin, Ireland
When in Ireland, that feeling of being intimate with your food and those who are producing it is really something special. On such a small island, being a part of the indigenous food scene is hard to beat. The Green Door Market In Dublin is a cozy affair with the same familiar faces behind the stalls each week. The concept behind this market is the delivery of top organic foods and getting to know the faces of those producing it. Cutting out the middle man is the perfect way to really connect with Irish produce.

Paris, France
The Raspail Marché Bio is one of Paris’ most expensive and luxurious food markets. Located on the Left Bank, the market has an organic day every Sunday and is known for its celebrity appearances. There are some really special things on offer here such as fresh wheatgrass, organic wines, an obscene amount of cheese, excellent quality organic breads and raw chocolate.

Lisbon, Portugal
With Lisbon being so close to the sea, the Principe Real organic market has some very special treats and is the perfect Saturday afternoon social gathering. There are tasting sessions most Saturdays allowing visitors to try some of the products. What’s special about this one is the large selection of certified organic olive oil.

Copenhagen, Denmark
This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Denmark – after all, it has been one of Europe’s greenest countries for quite some time now. Torvehallerne is a very large market in Copenhagen with a wide selection of things from exotic spices to beauty products and baked goods. Not all of the produce here is organic but a large part of it is, and there’s the GRØD stand which specializes in an exceptional porridge and a risotto in the evenings.

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