Every girls needs the Hermès’ Twilly d’Hermès le bain bathing collection

Almost every luxury brand has dipped their toes in a bathing collection, from Prada and Burberry to Chanel and Dior. And, Hermès’ latest bathing collection does not fail to impress. Dressed down in cotton candy packaging, Hermès newest range is perfect for that luxurious bath and body product lover.

The Twilly d’Hermès le bain by the house of Hermès is inspired by their iconic narrow silk scarves. The five-product collection vibrates with vitality and joy, with a shower cream, moisturising lotion, body balm, deodorant spray and soaps.

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Twilly d’Hermès le bain Shower Cream – $89
Presented in a cotton candy bottle, topped with a black cap, the Shower Cream’s ultra-rich texture lathers up into a velvety foam for a gentle, indulgent wash.

Twilly d’Hermès le bain Moisturising Lotion – $92
Laced with a subtle fragrance, the beautiful light, and smooth moisturising lotion is sure to keep dry skin at bay.

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Twilly d’Hermès le bain Deodorant Spray – $89
Swirling with the signature scent of Twilly d’Hermès, the Deodorant Spray from the collection is perfect for those travels.

Twilly d’Hermès le bain Body Balm, $65
The body balm is my perfect favourite. It adds an instant silky feeling to your skin, enveloping it in the signature scent of Twilly d’Hermès.

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Twilly d’Hermès le bain Soap, $111
Boxed in Hermès’ deep orange signature box, the trio of soaps are individually wrapped in vibrant packaging and oozing with fragrance.