Evian Les Petits natural spring water keeps your kid hydrated!

When it comes to your children, health is without a doubt your top priority. Avoid taking chances with their health, and make sure you give them nothing but the best. And the best is just what we have for you. Presenting, Evian Les Petits, the first kid’s pack of premium natural spring water dedicated to children. Water, as they say, is the best thing your kid can drink, a much better replacement to all the sweetened beverages. Evian has created fun graphics to complement the new bottles and packaging. Easily held by kids, these miniature bottles utilize Evian’s signature pink and blue colors with some added kid-friendly flair. A 330ml Evian Les Petits bottle will fit neatly into a child’s lunch bag, so your tiny tot can easily quench his thirst without having to carry a heavy water bottle to school.

While the kids in Canada can get their bottles in August, Evian Les Petits will be hitting stores across the U.S. shortly after with a suggested retail price of $5.99.

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