Evian Palace Bottle makes your water more pricey

Earlier it was the source of water that altered its cost but now its the kind or shape of bottle that the water is bottled in that makes a statement. The latest “Palace” bottle design from Evian is creating a hype in bottled-water market. This sleek bottle comes with it’s own Palace pourer that offers an “elite hydration experience” for the contemporary consumer. “The Palace Bottle has been designed to represent the modern vision of Evian while maintaining a strong tie to our heritage in the French Alps,” says Michael Thouin, brand manager, Evian Canada. If you are thirsty only for water from Palace then you can avail it select hotels, high-end restaurants, and clubs throughout the country. And I’m sure reading the price tag is gonna make you feel parched.

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This luxuriously bottled H2O retails for $15 to $20 (a bottle).