Exclusive Model of Titanic by Azimute is up for grabs

For the modern generation, Titanic is symbolic not just of the unfortunate disaster but also of the bond of true love symbolized by two fictional characters Rose and Jack. Now this symbolic cruise can become an item of display in your home courtesy, French model-making workshop, Azimute who made a model of this iconic vessel. The model is a detailed reproduction of the vessel that met a tragic end on its maiden voyage. The handmade model took more than 1000 hours to complete. The painstakingly made model has been constructed one slat at a time and comes complete with detailed stairs, lifeboats, and other deck accessories and fittings. The varnished hull also deserves special mention. Although Azimute has shut shop, this model is one of the last remaining models of the workshop’s brilliant creations.

Measuring 59″ x 6″ in size and boasting of 14″ height with stand, this Azimute made model of Titanic is priced at $20,000 and available exclusively here.

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