Exclusivity you can buy – Prepaid Mastercards made from precious metals

Whether you are checking in at a posh suite, dining at a fine restaurant or travelling by scenic trains, the stellar Pure + Solid Prepaid MasterCard made from precious metals instantly evince a superior sense of style when you make payment for monetary transactions worldwide. The Pure + Solid cards are unique pieces of jewelry with payment function that represent a new form of luxury. Hand-crafted from platinum, gold or silver, they draw attention to themselves and their owners.

The Pure + Solid Prepaid MasterCards are easy to use. Cardholders have to load the card by wire transfer from a bank account. The minimum load amount is set for all cards at €100. After the card has been activated, it can be used wherever the MasterCard symbol is displayed. Each transaction reduces the card balance immediately; the card can never be overdrawn. The cards work for transactions at point of sale, over the Internet or the telephone. Cash may be withdrawn at any bank that offers cash over the counter service. Interestingly, cash withdrawal at an ATM is disabled for is security reasons. When the card validity expires the balance can be retransferred to your bank account free of charge for up to one year.

There are three different types of Pure + Solid Prepaid MasterCards:

Pure + Solid Platinum MasterCard Prepaid
The Pure + Solid Platinum MasterCard Prepaid are handcrafted using pure platinum (Pt 999) and comes complete in a leather casket. Each platinum card comes with a 60-month validity. The Pure + Solid Platinum MasterCard is available for €28,690 and has a maximum card balance of €150,000.

Pure + Solid Gold MasterCard Prepaid
The Pure + Solid Gold MasterCard Prepaid are handcrafted card using 18 carat gold (Au 750) and comes secured in a leather casket. Cardholders can hold up to € 100,000 for 60-months. The Pure + Solid Gold MasterCard is available for €14,690.

Pure + Solid Silver MasterCard Prepaid
The Pure + Solid Silver MasterCard are handcrafted using sterling silver (Ag 925). It comes with a 60-months card validity and €50,000 card balance limit. The Pure + Solid Silver MasterCard is available for €1,490.

The Pure + Solid Prepaid MasterCards are revolutionizing the payment industry, creating an entirely new category of luxury. Pure + Solid MasterCard cards are not restricted to a specific level of income or funds and are not subject to minimum spend requirements. Every card also comes with a Priority Pass, granting the cardholder access to the VIP lounges of world’s largest independent airport lounge access program.